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small but effective - that could be our motto!
At the base, our company specializes in training and business services.
is because we have a know-how in the execution based on the urgency and that we possess qualified personnel that we specialized in the very specific transport of accompanied parcels.

The price of the service depends in particular on the cost of the air tickets of our conveyors, the weight and the size of the parcels conveyed, the distance of the airports of departure and destination compared to the points of collection and delivery , and times of flight or stopover.

Entrust your urgent and confidential consignments to our international couriers.

if you call us, there is an emergency.

We make every effort to respond to your emergency.

a document to deliver, spare parts, samples, prototypes .. which can not be entrusted to an express carrier.

From its point of departure to its final destination, your shipment will be accompanied by a specialized international courier.

Its mission is to take the first available flight and deliver your package in the best conditions of speed and security and ensure that it reaches the right recipient.

Our starting point is PARIS (France) and we operate worldwide.

Our couriers are professionals with strict instructions. They know how to react in all circumstances to find the best solution (delay, canceled flights, customs problems) and are assisted by our office.

Speed and efficiency of intervention from your first request to the realization of the mission. Nothing differentiates our couriers from other travelers. They travel anonymously.

We know that time is running out and we are in the emergency room to bring you the best service.

1) quotation request :  send us by e-mail ( or SMS (+33603177372), your request specifying: 

  • the type of product (its content and its value), 
  • the weight of the parcel
  •  the address of collection
  •  the delivery address
  • your hourly imperatives

We will send in return a precise quotation (the price varies according to the destination).

2) acceptance of the mission
once the quotation is accepted and the payment made, our international courier is on his way to recover your parcel. We carry out for him all the reservations necessary for the smooth running of his mission

3) monitoring during the mission
At each stage, we are informed in real time of the position of the courier (pick-up, boarding, arrival at destination, delivery effect.
At any time, you know where your package is and how it's progressing.

Quotation :

  e-mail : 

SMS : ++33603177372